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After several years of experiments and creations, it was in 2019 that Julien Gauvreau created ARTEFACT, his first company, specializing in the manufacture of jewelry and other unique objects.

Always passionate about "the art of the hand", my gaze turned to forge and metalwork. It was very natural that I ended up following this path, which was imposed on me.

It is with great pleasure today that I present my work to you.

I make each piece by hand in my workshop, thus guaranteeing you the acquisition of a unique object, a timeless object: An "Artefact".

Julien Gauvreau

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

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Poinçon Maître

The maker's mark or maker's mark.

You will find this small 3mm diamond on each of my creations.

In France this hallmark is a legal obligation, it is a diamond containing the initials of the jeweler jeweler manufacturer, as well as the logo which symbolizes it, on mine opposite, JG and a cogwheel. They are issued when the house is created and listed by the customs guarantee service.

They are thus unique and attached to each manufacturer for the time they carry out their activity, they are then returned and crossed out, they cannot be bequeathed.

It is in a way the signature of the jeweler, a trace of his passage, but also a guarantee which engages his responsibility as for the quality of the jewels on which he affixes it.

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