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Over time, your jewelry will wear out. Silver patina and oxidizes. Here are some tips and advice for their maintenance.


Silver is a metal with a very white shiny metallic luster. It oxidizes in air, in the presence of sulfur, or in the dark and turns black. The more you wear it, the more it will polish naturally by friction, but be careful of its wear.

Preferably store your jewelry individually, so that it cannot be in direct contact.

Avoid environments that are too humid or iodized, as well as cleaning products which can be corrosive and oxidizing, bleach for example has a strong oxidizing power on Silver.

It is preferable not to sleep with your jewelry, for their well-being and yours.


Wash your jewelry in hot, soapy water , washing your hands while wearing your ring for example, then rinse and polish with a microfiber cloth.

You can use toothpaste which is also a wonderful cleaner for non-ferrous jewelry. Apply to your jewel using a soft cloth, rub gently, rinse then polish with a microfiber cloth.

Ideally, a chamois cloth designed for cleaning and polishing jewelry is used. We provide you with a sample with each parts ordered.

Do not use a chemical cleaning bath for jewelry, most of the silver jewelry that we offer is patinated, using this method would permanently remove this patina.

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